Birthday Party Games

For birthday celebrations, the birthday party games are just as essential as the cake and ice cream.

Not only are birthday games a great way for little ones to burn off a sugar rush, they're also fantastic icebreakers for adult birthday bashes. Not sure what party games to play? Let's take a look at some of the most unique and popular ideas, guaranteed to keep guests entertained.

Kids Birthday Party Games

For princess party games, cast a magical spell on old standbys with these variations of Pin the Tail on the Donkey and relay races:

Plant a Kiss on the Prince

girl blindfold games

Apply bright lipstick on each guest, then blindfold and spin. Have each princess kiss a poster of a handsome prince, and see who can come closest to planting a kiss on the prince's cheek.

Fair Maiden Relay

Divide the fair maidens into teams, and have a basket of tiaras, slippers, gowns, jewelry, and wands at each starting point. When the maidens are fully dressed, have them race to their teammate in line and remove the costume for their teammate to wear. The first team to complete the pass off wins.

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For high-octane party fun, try your hand at setting up an obstacle course:

boy obstacle course games

Cars Games

Tow Mater's Revenge or Greased-Lightning McQueen, complete with tire jumps, pylons, and a checkered flag finish line

Video Games

boys video games

Mario's Wacky Race, Ben 10's Alien Marathon, or Shampoodle's Showdown

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1st Birthday Party Games

When planning games for a 1st birthday party, simplicity is key. Here are a few games that are sure to entertain the adults in attendance as well as the little guest of honor:

Baby Bottle Bowling

baby bowling games

Fill ten baby bottles with dried beans or rice and arrange them like bowling pins. Take turns rolling for strikes, and give a prize to the guest with the best score.

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Pick-Up Relay

toy blocks games

Scatter toys throughout the room (the messier, the better). Divide guests into two teams and give each team an empty laundry basket. At the start of the whistle, see which team can pick up the most toys in two minutes either by crawling or walking on their knees.

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Adult Party Games

Take a walk on the wild side with Fear Factor Party Games by creating your own food and physical challenges. Or, relive some of your fondest childhood memories with these backyard party game ideas:

  • Sack races
  • Three-legged races
  • Treasure hunts
  • Capture the Flag
  • Simon Says
  • Balloon games

More Adult Birthday Party Games

Regardless of the games you add to your birthday party line-up, remember that the goal is to liven the spirit of the event and build lasting memories. Enjoy reliving your childhood, or creating magical memories for the special birthday boy or girl in your life.

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Funny Games

Teen Party Games

Ice Breaker Party Games

Tell Us About Your Birthday Party Games

Did you recently throw a party and were successful in having all the guests participate in birthday party games? What did you do? Or do you have ideas for birthday party games that will have everyone talking about your party? If so, share them!

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