Diego Birthday Party

Go Diego Go! A Diego Birthday Party for the Animal Adventurer!

Looking for kid's birthday party ideas? Look no farther than their favorite television shows for great themes that will make decorating and hosting that much easier. A kid's theme birthday party takes the guess work out of food, games and favors. If the character of choice is Diego, then read on for some Diego party ideas and tips.

Who Wants a Go Diego Go Birthday Party?

diego pinata

Diego is Dora the Explorer's cousin, an animal rescuer who appeals to boys and girls ages 3-7. Others who might be interested are animal lovers.

How to Host?

Lead the children into the party as if they were entering the jungle. Make sure that you set the scene with groups of houseplants and assorted fake plants.

Diego Party Supplies

diego birthday

There is a wide range of diego party supplies that should serve as the start of your décor. Other decorations could include a multitude of stuffed, wild animals that are in need of rescuing and jungle themes.

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Games and Activities for your Go Diego Go Birthday Party

Animal rescue - each child will be given a clue to follow (could be pictures for smaller children) and find the animal in trouble. (The animal could then serve as a prize as well if you choose)

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Animal imitation. Each child takes turns making their best animal sound and then vote on the best for each type of animal.

Party food Ideas

Diego's food should be tropical or Latin inspired. Adding animal twists to the names of food is a good choice too. Examples include:

  • Toucan Tacos
  • Baby Jaguar Chow (chex cereal mix)
  • Diego dogs

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