1st Birthday Invitations

1st Birthday Invitations

Tips for what to include and what to leave off for a, can't resist, can't miss first birthday invitation Baby's first birthday party is a wonderful time to gather friends and family, however what you put on the invitation may be cause for pause. Make sure that you do not put your invitees off with the wrong information.

1st Birthday Invitations Wording

1st Birthday Invitations

The wording of the invitation itself should include: time, date and place of course. The invitation should also include who is giving the party and could read:

Dave & Donna would love to have you join them as they celebrate The first birthday of Douglass James. Our celebration begins October 1st , at 2 p.m. and will be held at 123 Anywhere Lane, This Town. Please say that you can join us as we would love to have you!

What to Put in the Invitation

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The basics should of course be covered: who the event is for (use first and last names and for clarity, the name of the parents as well) what is being celebrated, where the party is being held, the date, the time and any theme that might be included

What to Leave Out of the Invitation

1st Birthday Invitations

Try to keep the invitations fairly brief; however you might include additional information as a special note for out of town family or for special friends.

For a unique and innovative way to send first birthday invitations, check out this video