Spongebob Birthday Party

Spongebob Birthday Party - Squeezing all the Fun a Sponge can Hold

Invite everyone's favorite sea sponge to your child's Spongebob party, but watch out for Plankton!

spongebob decor

Spongebob Squarepants Party

spongebob pinata

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? If you know the answer then you are probably going to be hosting a spongebob squarepants party in the near future. A Spongebob party is best suited for boys and girls ages 4-10.

Spongebob Party Supplies

spongebob supplies

The laughing, yellow sponge can be found on nearly everything that you can possibly think of, so finding spongebob party supplies should be no problem at all. Make sure that you either have cake plates, cups and napkins of only one character, or enough so that everyone gets the choice of who they would like. You might have a fight on your hands if someone is going to get stuck with Plankton.

Spongebob Birthday Party Games

spongebob game

Spongebob and his friend Patrick enjoy bubble blowing, so that should definitely be an activity to start with. You can also play games like stack the crabby patty. (Use gummy Life Savers and give the children a set pattern to work with.) Other games could include Who am I, where the kids take turns reading statements about their character and the others guess who they are.

Spongebob Party Favors

spongebob favor

Little toys with Spongebob and his favorite underwater friends are everywhere and a good choice. Other choices could include books, coloring books and crayons and, of course, crabby patties.

Spongebob Birthday Cake

spongebob cake

There are two simple way to make a spongebob birthday cake.

The first option is to purchase a Wilton spongebob character cake pan and spongebob icing color set and follow the directions in the pan. This is how I made my first spongebob birthday cake and it was a huge hit!

spongebob cupcake cake

The second option would be to make a sheet cake, ice it and use Wilton spongebob icing decorations, plastic spongebob party toppers or toys and a Wilton spongebob candle to complete the look.

spongebob cupcake cake

Another fun option would be to make a spongebob cupcake cake. Bake the cupcakes in spongebob themed cupcake wrappers that you can purchase in any major craft store. Ice the cupcakes and top them off either with a spongebob cupcake topper or a spongebob icing decoration. You can also arrange all the cupcakes in a spongebob cupcake stand or align them 6 in a row and 4 in a column to form a rectangular shaped cupcake cake.

The video below illustrates a more complicated fondant Spongebob cake.

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