50th Birthday Cake Ideas

These days life begins at 50, so if a loved one or special friend is ready to "hit the mark", why not celebrate the occasion with a lively 50th birthday cake?

bear hop cake

While a humorous over-the-hill theme can be fun, there are many other 50th birthday cake ideas to consider:

Fabulous 50's Cake

50 cake

Sock hops, poodle skirts, ducktails, and rock and roll - it's hard to top the fun of the fabulous 50's. Decorate a round cake in the shape of a record, or top a sheet cake with diecast cars from the 50's, miniature hula hoops, or musical notes.

14-Karat Celebration

50 gold cake

The 50th anniversary is associated with gold, so why not mark the milestone with the same precious metal? Decorate a sheet cake with glittering metallic candles, edible metallic sprinkles, or gold dragees. Top with sparklers, edible confetti, and gold ribbon.

Hobby Themed Cake

Hobby Themed Cake

For a cake based on the guest of honor's interests, embrace the more adventuresome hobbies like bicycle or motorcycle riding, hunting, fishing, or music.

Over the Hill Cake

50th cake

For an over-the-hill 50th birthday celebration, opt for a birthday cake decorated with tombstones, dentures, vultures, the grim reaper, or other classic symbols that present a lighthearted jab at aging.

With so many 50th birthday cakes to choose from, you're only limited by your imagination. Try your hand at adding personal touches to the cake ideas suggested here, or come up with your own original design. The guest of honor is sure to be touched by your efforts and will feel young at heart when blowing out the candles.

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