Baseball Birthday Party

Celebrate the boys of summer with a baseball party theme.

Baseball Theme Party

baseball bat ball

Perfect for boys and girls of nearly every age group, the baseball party theme is one that can take the great American pastime and turn it into the great American party. If you have enough guests, consider heading to the local park to have a game as part of the party.

Baseball Party Games

The main game can be baseball, but if it gets rained out or there just are not enough people to play, then have baseball trivia contests, as well as other baseball-themed games on standby. If you have a game system with baseball, all the better!

Baseball Party Supplies and Decorations

baseball party supplies

If you are heading to the local park for your baseball theme party, your baseball party supplies and decorations should be minimal and simple to remove and clean up. If you are going to have part of the baseball birthday party at your home, you can add a little more pizzazz by including team pennants or posters and other memorabilia. If your child collects baseball cards, have them brought out to be displayed as well.

Baseball Party Favors

baseball favor

Buy a few packs of baseball cards. If the party is small, then give a pack to each guest. However, if there are more guests then consider giving one or two cards to each guest and then watch them convene a baseball card trading convention right there.

Baseball Party Food Ideas

baseball party food peanuts
baseball party food cracker jack box
baseball party food hotdog

What do you serve at a baseball theme party? You know the song: peanuts, Cracker Jack, hot dogs, sodas - whatever you would get at a traditional ball park.

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