Ladybug Birthday Party

Ladybug Birthday Party - Ladybug, Ladybug, Let's Rock and Roll, Girl

Choosing a ladybug party as a birthday or tea get- together is good for the nature lover in all of us.

Ladybug Party

ladybug pinata

If you are planning a birthday party and know that the weather would be perfect for an outside party, consider having a ladybug garden party. A ladybug party would be a good choice for the little girl who prefers to stay outside with nature rather than inside watching brightly animated shows.

Ladybug Party Supplies

ladybug supplies

Green is the background, black and red are the main colors and the lovable lady bug is the guest of honor in this theme. Talk to your little naturalist and see if she would like this to be a green party and then have her help you decide how eco-conscious the party will be.

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Ladybug Invitations

To announce the theme of the ladybug party, consider sending ladybug invitations. You can purchase ladybug invitations at your local party supply store, online or consider making them yourself. They are quite easy to make and this video below can help get your started.

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Ladybug Party Favors

ladybug favor

Everything that has a little ladybug on it is a good choice, but other choices might be little bug catching nets, magnifying glasses and little bug identifying books.

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Ladybug Decorations

Have your naturalist join in decorations detail by making little ladybugs to put up all through the yard. Do not be shocked if real ones drop by to check out what is going on.

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