Curious George Party

Curious George Party

Kid's party ideas should always take into account their favorite characters.

The more popular the show or character is, the easier the decorating and other planning will be. A Curious George birthday party is one of the most endearing and enduring birthday party ideas for kids. For your curious child's next birthday, consider planning around the sweet, but mischievous little monkey.

How to Host a Curious George Birthday

Of all the party hosting requirements, a yellow hat is one of the most important for this idea. George lives with the Man with the Yellow Hat, and all of the little guests will be thrilled to be led into a party by the Parent in the Yellow Hat.

Curious George Party Supplies

The table ware and paper goods for a Curious George birthday party should feature the smiling, little monkey. Other items that should be included would be jungle themed items.
Birthday Party Supplies

Casino Night Party Food Ideas

Fuel high-rolling appetites with easy-to-eat finger foods, such as cubed bagels with hearty cheese dips, mini burgers, and corndogs. You can also set up a pita-pocket sandwich buffet, complete with meats, cheeses, and veggies.
Birthday Party Food

Party Food Ideas for a Curious George Birthday Party

Monkey themed foods could include:

  1. Monkey Munch Mix (Create your own healthy snack mix with dried banana chips, cereal, raisins and other selections)
  2. Monkey Dessert Buffet: Set up your own banana split bar (assist littler guests)

Curious George Birthday Goodies

Cut up different fruits and vegetables in chunks and allow each child to at least sample each item. Include a variety of dips on the table as well.

Curious George Birthday Cake