80th Birthday Party Ideas

80th birthday party

An 80th birthday is cause for celebration, so if someone special in your life is closing the gap on becoming an octogenarian, there's no better way to mark the occasion than with an 80th birthday party. Here are a few 80th birthday party ideas and planning tips to get you started:

Start the party early

Even if the guest of honor has the vim and vigor of a teenager, chances are he or she has friends that aren't as peppy. Consider hosting a birthday brunch or luncheon so everyone will be well-rested and at their best, and will have plenty of time to get home before dark.

Get the guests involved

Along with the invitations, send a questionnaire for each guest to fill out, asking for favorite memories, stories, or examples of how the guest of honor touched their lives. Compile the questionnaires into a booklet and present it as a gift, or set aside time at the celebration for guests to share their responses.

Keep the celebration upbeat

Remember, you're celebrating the guest of honor's life, not giving them a send-off. Incorporate humor into your celebration with 80th birthday jokes or verses.

Embrace nostalgia

80th birthday party nostalgic

Create a nostalgic party atmosphere with music and birthday decorations inspired by the culture of the honoree's youth. Deck the walls with pictures of presidents, automobiles, and movie posters from their era, and have nostalgic photos of family and friends on display.

Be mindful of the honoree's personality

Is the octogenarian an avid gardener, angler, or golfer? If so, be sure to incorporate his or her hobbies and interests into the party's theme.

Don't let them leave empty handed

80th birthday party favor

While everyone in attendance will be sure to depart with fond memories, sending guests home with 80th birthday favors is a great way to extend the fun. Personalized photo favors, such as magnets, key chains, or bookmarks, are all terrific ideas.

With a little imagination and input from your guests, you'll be able to give the special octogenarian in your life a wonderful milestone celebration. Enjoy sharing the day with family and friends.

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