Fiesta Party Ideas

Fiesta Party Ideas - Arriva! It's Time to Fiesta, Baby!

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Spice up your usual party ideas with a little Mexican flavor and throw a Mexican fiesta party!

Fiesta and Mexican Party Ideas

fiesta party

Ole! It is time for a fiesta party! Traditionally this party idea gets brought out for Cinco De Mayo, but a Mexican party theme can be a fun and festive way to celebrate any day year round.

Mexican Party Food

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For Mexican party food choices, make it easy on yourself by setting up a make-it-yourself taco/burrito stand. Lay out warmed and foil wrapped soft tacos along with some crispy corn taco shells as well. Keep the taco meat warm in a crock pot, and add the sauces, cut up veggies and other items. Label items carefully so that no one mistakenly gets a huge dollop of diced Habenero peppers.

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For beverages, serve bottled waters, Mexican beers and, if you can find them, Mexican soft drinks in a plastic tub filled with ice.

Here is a great video and recipe for making Mexican paella for a party crowd.

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Mexican Party Games

Mexican Party Games

What fiesta would be complete without a piñata? Make sure that you set this up far away from cars and keep other guests back if you are using the traditional whack'it'open type. For safety, you could opt for the string pulling piñatas instead.

Mexican Party Decorations

Mexican Party Decorations

For Mexican party decorations, choose red, white and green since these are the colors of the Mexican flag and should form the basis of your mexican party decorations. Other ideas could include colorful serapes, sombreros and burros.

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