Fun Day With Birthday Party Games

by Sneha



It was the arrival of my younger brother's birthday. I wanted to surprise him and do something different which he will remember throughout his life. I searched the net to gather more and more birthday ideas. Then I concluded with my own birthday party ideas.

First of all I invited all his close friends and all our family and relatives. Then as usual we had the cake cutting and typical decorations such as balloons and candles lit all over to give it a festive mood.

The next thing that I did was I arranged birthday party games for all of our guests to play. The most interesting game which people of all ages enjoyed was a game called ‘HOUSIE’. Everyone, young and old joined in the game and people were very enthusiastic to win prizes. This is one such game which will keep your guests busy for a minimum of one hour. It was a complete hit and made for great family entertainment.

Then I had organized a game just for the kids. I arranged musical chairs and selected music to be played. Once the music stops people have to sit on the chair. There is always one chair less than the number of people playing the game. The one who misses the chair is out and the game continues. It was fun to see the kids running with their favorite music playing trying to not get caught without a chair.

One more game that I arranged for the adults was a drinking game. I arranged different kinds of drinks and I placed the glasses of drinks on the table and the one who drank the maximum number of drinks within the allotted time won. All of them enjoyed this game a lot as they got to drink their favorite drink and we all laughed watching the progression of this game.

We closed out the night playing card games. We had a deck of Uno, which was real fun. People and kids both enjoyed the games to their full extent. Each and every person tried their level best to win the games and get their hands on the prizes but all in all everyone had a great time!

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