Adult Slumber Party

Adult Slumber Party

Kids aren't the only ones who enjoy a slumber party - adults love them, too. If you're planning a special celebration, why not relive a blast from the past by hosting an adult pajama party? Planning this relaxed, fun-filled get-together is as simple as taking a stroll down memory lane.

Slumber Party Invitations

Slumber Party Invitations

Look for pre-printed slumber party invitations, or create your own using pictures of heartthrobs, hit movies, or musicians from your youth. In your slumber party invitation, be sure to encourage guests to arrive dressed in nighttime attire. If accommodations and bed linens are in short supply, ask guests to bring sleeping bags.

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Slumber Party Activities

Slumber Party Activities

Get the party rolling with popular slumber party activities and games like Twister, Trivial Pursuit, and Ouija, or divide guests into teams to hold a neighborhood scavenger hunt. For guests on the adventurous side, what could be more fun than a séance, a "Fear Factor" style food challenge, or a few rounds of Truth or Dare?

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Slumber Party Pranks

slumber ouija

Slumber party pranks and slumber parties go hand in hand. While freezing bras or the old hand in hot water trick have likely lost their charm, most adults can still appreciate a little tasteless humor, such as whoopee cushions, gas spray, fake parking tickets, or pretend vomit, rodents, or insects.

Slumber Party Food

slumber movie candy
slumber popcorn

slumber pizza

No slumber party would be complete without a pizza delivery and loads of snacks. Embrace your adolescent appetite and indulge your guests with pizza rolls, popcorn, chips and hearty dips, pre-wrapped snack cakes, and boxes of movie candy. For breakfast, have an assortment of sugary cereals on hand, or treat your guests to stacks of homemade pancakes.

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With a little creativity, your adult slumber party is sure to be a hit. If you've done it right, the guests should head home tired out from all the late-night fun.

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