Fear Factor Party Ideas

Fear Factor Party Ideas

Fear Factor Party Ideas - Gross! What is that You are Eating? Take the grossest thing you can think of and you have the start of the Fear Factor party theme.

Remember the old show, Fear Factor? On it, contestants had to do dangerous and nearly impossible physical stunts and eat horrible items to win a large cash prize. If you are looking for a fun and potentially gross party theme for your teen's birthday party, this is the one.

Fear Factor Birthday Party Invitations

Fear Factor Party Ideas A warning here: all parents and guests should be fully aware of the fact that you are planning and hosting this type of party even if there is not going to be any real danger involved. Some parents would not let their child watch the show on television and it should be their right to decide whether they will allow their child to attend this party or not.
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Fear Factor Party Games

Fear Factor Party Ideas Plan a few quasi-dangerous stunts and a few nasty foods and then be done with it. You cannot call it a Fear Factor party if you do not have some of the borderline thrills that you would have got from the show. That being said, make sure that nothing goes too far- all stunts should be pre-approved before anyone attempts them. No one jumps off of anything. No one dives off of anything. No pool-based stunts if you do not know the swimming ability of everyone at the party. For the food part of the stunts, have them taste liver, cow's heart, brain and tongue. That will probably finish them off right there.

For the slightly younger group, you can fake them out with these gross items. Give them peeled green grapes and call them eyeballs. Give them slightly overcooked rice and call them maggots. You get the picture.