Butterfly Birthday Party

Tips for Throwing a Butterfly Birthday Party - Decorating for a young girl's birthday party can be so fun due to the creativity that can be used.

Butterfly Theme Party

butterfly party

A butterfly birthday party is a wonderful theme for young girls that aren't interested in the stereotypical princess theme or have "grown out" of the princess theme. A butterfly party gives the planner tons of freedom over how to decorate and what kind of colors can be used.

In order to pull together the look of a beautiful birthday party based on butterflies, the planner needs to get creative. Everything from decoration to party favors can be found for low prices and fit in perfectly with the theme. Throwing a birthday party with a butterfly theme can be a dream come true for many little girls.

Butterfly Party Decorations

Butterfly Party Decorations

Butterfly party decorations can be handmade or store bought when it comes to throwing a beautiful party. Many of the decorations don't even have to be designated for birthdays. Visiting a craft store presents the party planner with fake butterflies they can attach to garland or thread.

Stringing lines of butterflies across the ceiling can transform a room without a lot of effort. Using garland in similar colors and adding flowers are some great ideas to fill out a room for a birthday party.

Butterflies are attracted to flowers so it makes sense why flowers would make a good addition to a butterfly birthday party.

butterfly birthday party

With the large variety of butterflies in the world, the choice for colors is almost endless. It is often a good idea to determine the favorite color of the birthday girl and use it for the decorations in order to make the best impression.

Purple is a popular color used for birthdays with a butterfly theme, but young girls often adore the use of pink. Using a broad range of similar colors can help a room look very festive and fitting with the theme of butterflies and flowers.

Butterfly Party Favors

Butterfly Party Favors

Every guest should receive a brightly colored bag with butterfly items such as hair clasps, pins, jewelry and butterfly-shaped notepads.

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Butterfly Party Supplies

Butterfly Party Supplies

Although they should be easy to find, if you do have any trouble finding butterfly party supplies, then consider using pastel colored plain items and sticking butterfly stickers to them or you could use a butterfly stencil to trace butterflies out on colored construction paper and decorate with glitter to attach or hang from walls, ceiling, chairs and tables. Try making the butterflies in different sizes for a butterfly garden effect.

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Butterfly Birthday Cake

Butterfly Birthday Cake

A butterfly birthday cake doesn't have to be really elaborate or expensive to look nice. There are many choices and options that can result in a beautiful cake which ties in with the butterfly theme. Some people choose to use icing or fondant to create a butterfly image on a cake.

While this looks nice, it can be an expensive route. Another option that is typically affordable is to find figurines of fake butterflies at a store. Decorating the cake with butterflies and flowers will make the cake look fun and the 3D decorations can be played with after by the birthday girl.

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Butterfly Party Food Ideas

butterfly birthday party cupcakes

Besides the obvious butterfly-shaped cake, food items should be delicate, as would be fitting for a butterfly. Lots of foods can be made into butterfly shapes using a butterfly shaped cookie cutter. Some ideas could include finger sandwiches, watermelon pieces, cookies or even butterfly cupcakes.

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butterfly birthday party decorations

Decorating and planning for a birthday party can sometimes be expensive if not planned in advance. The party planner should consider using coupons at craft and party supply stores to stock on different decorations they plan on using.

Finding figurines and realistic looking butterflies at craft stores can help tie in the butterfly theme and make the party room look amazing. Incorporating the birthday girl's favorite colors and a large number of butterflies can help transform a room completely and make that butterfly birthday party one that is going to be remembered forever.

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