Funny Games

Funny games are played because they combine two important human interests: competition and entertainment.

A great party game is challenging, humorous and involves many different people.

Funny Games for Kids

Buried Worms

  • Equipment: Candy worms, whip cream, plates.

  • Goal: Eat candy worms from a plate of whip cream.

This is an excellent game for kids that like to get messy. Take a certain number of candy worms and spread them around on a plate. Top the plate with whip cream. The dirt should be thick, concealing the worms.

With their hands behind their backs, the kids plunge their faces into the plate, digging out the buried worms. Players can only use their mouths.

The kid that eats all their worms first wins.

funny games worm

Balloon Blast

  • Equipment: String, balloons.

  • Goal: Stomp the other players' balloons; protect your own.

This is a great game for kids that like competition. The players tie a balloon to one of their ankles using a long piece of string.

In a large open area, the players chase each other around, trying to pop the other person's balloon. Players can only use their feet to stomp and protect balloons, and cannot kick the other player's body.

The last kid with a balloon wins.

More Kids Party Games

funny games balloon stomp

Funny Games for Teens

Card Pass

  • Equipment: 1 playing card.

  • Goal: Pass the card around.

This game emphasizes coordination and teamwork. The players gather in a circle, using a boy-girl-boy-girl order. Everyone keeps their hands behind their backs.

The playing card is passed around using mouth suction. To receive the card, a player must suck it against their lips while the passer blows it in place. The card goes around the circle, and whenever someone drops it, they are eliminated.

The last two people in the game win.

funny games cards

Wardrobe Relay

  • Equipment: 2 bags of assorted clothes and accessories.

  • Goal: Get the items down to the end of the line.

This is like a traditional relay, but instead of using a baton, players use clothes and accessories. The more unique they are - suspenders, belts, etc. - the more challenging it is.

Teammates spread out in a straight line. The first teammate puts on all the clothes and accessories. Once they are on, the player runs to the next teammate, takes off all the items, puts them in the bag and hands it off. The next teammate repeats the process, until all the clothes reach the last player.

The first team to get to the end wins.

More Teen Party Games

funny games race

Funny Games for Adults

Feed the Monkey

  • Equipment: Blindfolds, bananas.

  • Goal: Feed the banana to the monkey.

This game involves couples. The girls are blindfolded and handed a banana. The guys squat down in front of them like moneys waiting to be fed.

The girls turn around in place for 15-30 seconds. When they finish spinning, they have to unpeel the banana and feed it to the guy. Blindfolds must be kept on.

The couple that eats the banana first wins.

funny games bday

Manly Shave

  • Equipment: Blindfolds, whip cream, spoons.

  • Goal: Shave the other person.

This is another blindfold game. The girls lather their faces with whip cream as if it were shaving lotion. The guys are blindfolded and have to spin around in place for 15-30 seconds. When they finish spinning, they have to shave the girl with a spoon. Blindfolds must be kept on.

The couple that does the best shaving job wins.

More Adult Party Games

funny games shaving

These funny games work well for people of all different ages and abilities. Use them next time you have a group over to celebrate.

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