Glamour Girl Birthday Party

Throwing a Glamour Girl Birthday Party - Twinkle, Sparkle-Fabulous, Glamorous!

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If you have a little girl who likes to girl it up, you have all the makings of one of the best girl's birthday parties ever. Whether she is six or sixteen, having a glamour girl birthday party can be fun, exciting and something she will remember fondly for the rest of her life. Here are some fun glamour dress up party ideas to help you:

Glamour Girl Party Supplies

Decorations should be as glam as possible and could include tiaras and feather boas. If you have one, bring a vanity into the party area, or borrow a large make up mirror. Replace most of the lights in the room with pink bulbs. Have the guest walk into the room on a red carpet and hand out disposable cameras so that everyone can have plenty of pictures of the event.

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Activities for a Glamour Girl Dress Up Party

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The first and most important activity should be glamming it up. (If the party is for young ones, make sure that all make up and nail polish is washable and protect the flooring) Allow everyone to take turns give each other makeovers or find another adult that will volunteer to help out with doing hair dos, makeup and nails.

Another activity could be a mock fashion show complete with walking down the "catwalk" and posing.

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Glamour Birthday Party Food Suggestions

Give all foods a glamorous name. Serve them on crystal (plastic) plates and cups. Everyone loves Brad Pittza and Angelina Jolie-pudding pops for example.

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Dress Up Party Favor Ideas

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Along with the disposable cameras that you should hand out at the beginning of the party, consider giving everyone a swag bag just like at the award's ceremonies- add nail polish, small bottles of perfume, lip gloss and hair clips and bracelets.

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