Birthday Party Entertainment Ideas

Birthday Party Entertainment Ideas

Birthday Party Entertainment Ideas- Whether you're hosting a birthday party for an adult or a child, hiring a professional entertainer can elevate the "wow factor" to extravaganza proportions.

Bounce house rentals, clowns, magicians, carnivals, character dress ups, and pony rides are outstanding kids' birthday party entertainment ideas. For adults, comedic roasts, impersonators, magicians, and casino set ups are sure to keep guests amused.

Regardless of the age group, there are a few points to consider when hiring birthday party entertainment:

Party Entertainment Ideas Budget

Birthday Party Entertainment Ideas

Top-notch childrens party entertainers can fetch $300 or more for each performance. Don't let cost be your only deciding factor, though. Select a quality performer that most closely accommodates your budget, and remember that the old adage You get what you pay for is often painfully true when it comes to party entertainment.

Allotted Time

For kids party entertainment, it's best to limit the show's length to 30 minutes; for adults, it can be extended up to an hour. Stretching the duration outside of these parameters may lead to a restless audience, especially with younger crowds.

Know Your Audience

Birthday Party Entertainment Ideas

For the adult crowd, be sure to hire an entertainer who won't offend guests by using profanity or belittling the crowd for the sake of getting a laugh. For kids' birthday parties, make sure the entertainment is age-appropriate. If there will be a mix of ages, let the entertainer know ahead of time so he or she can adjust their act accordingly.

Special Accommodations

Be mindful of special seating, lighting, electrical outlets, or other special equipment that may be needed for the performance, and plan the set-up well in advance. Also, check with city officials about any special ordinances or permits that may be required.

Testimonials and Recommendations:

Before booking an entertainer, request references from other customers. Ask the entertainer for a brief sample performance or for a video from a past party. If that's not possible, ask to sit in at an upcoming event.


While it's unlikely that something will go wrong during a performance, some party entertainment acts carry a higher risk. It's a good idea to know that all angles are covered in the event that something goes awry. Make sure your entertainer carries public liability insurance, and verify that equipment rental suppliers are also covered.

To simplify the process of selecting birthday party entertainment, contact an event planning company in your area. With the right amounts of preparation and patience, your party is sure to be a raving success!