Girls Birthday Parties

It's A Party Girl and you are the party girl! So let's go get our party on! Party on, girl!

Whether she is five, fifteen or fifty, having a good birthday party can make the day all that much more special. Make sure that you start with her favorite cake, add the right decorations and of course, all of her favorite friends to make the day one that she will remember.

girl party

Girls Parties Ideas

girl tea party

Instead of just the average, run of the mill birthday this year why not throw an extra special birthday with some of the newest and best, girl birthday party ideas around. Have a princess party where all of the girls come dressed in their princess best outfits. Serve tea and tiny sandwiches and watch as each girl shows off her perfect princess manners.

Or, if your girl is a little more of a tomboy, have a tug of war over a mud pit in the back yard. The choices are endless and the only rule is to choose something that is just for her on her special day.

Girls Party Games

girl blindfold game

Again, girl birthday party games will depend on the girl. Girly girls will like girly games and tomboy girls will like non-girly games. For the princess party for instance, the games could include make over madness (everyone has to put on makeup using their non-dominant hand or while blindfolded, etc.) find the tiara Girls Birthday Parties (a mystery game set up before the guests arrive).

Other party games could include games on the Wii or other gaming console or traditional games like pin the tail on the donkey and others.

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girl tiara

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