Word World Birthday Party

Word World Birthday Party Word World Birthday Party - Learning the World, One Word at a Time

If you are looking for kid's birthday party ideas, especially when the guest of honor is in the toddler age group, you should consider several things. The party idea should be 1) one that interests them 2) one that will entertain and 3) one that will make decorating and other duties easier for you.

Word World Birthday Party Word World Cakes: If you cannot order a Word World cake from the local bakery, you can use your own purchased decorations to put on a plain, purchased or baked cake. Adapt other cake types to fit in with Word World characters.

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Word World Birthday Party Activities and Games for the Word World Party: The rule of thumb for the number of party guests is this: one guest for each year of the child's age. One for a one year old, etc. Activities must take into account their age group and abilities. If the children are too young for organized games, consider popping in a Word World video to entertain them until it is time to eat, open presents and go home.

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Word World Birthday Party Birthday Party Food Suggestions: All foods should be toddler friendly, which means nothing that could be a choking hazard. These include round foods such as hot dogs, hard candies, popcorn and nuts.
SAFETY TIP: With food allergies being so common these days, it is best not to serve anything with peanut butter or peanuts at all unless you know the children very well.

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Word World Birthday Party Birthday Party Favors: Do not give party favors out until the children are leaving to prevent the inevitable melt down when they misplace or break their small gifts. Favors could include Word World videos, books or toys.

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No matter what you are choosing, keep in mind that kids party ideas should be age appropriate and keep safety in mind.

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Word World Birthday Party

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