1st Birthday Outfits

1st Birthday Outfits Choosing the best look for your baby's first birthday party so they look even more cute and cuddlesome

Some babies get the parents that are likely to go overboard in the outfit department and others will get to be dressed a little more casually. Regardless of what the first birthday outfit choice is, there will be several outfit changes throughout the event and should be planned in advance to coordinate with the activity of the moment. Dressy for photo time, casual for messy time!

First Birthday Dress

1st Birthday Outfits

Your baby's first birthday dress should be as beautiful as she is, but should be comfortable to wear as well. After all, wearing a scratchy or itchy dress during your own party is no fun at all. Make sure that you choose a washable fabric, unless you plan to take the dress off during cake time.

There are many variations to the first birthday dress and depending on your style could include:

  • A Onesie with a Tutu
  • A Very Formal Dress
  • A Simple Cotton or Knit Dress

First Birthday Clothing

For boys and girls alike, the first birthday clothing could be something as simple as a character tee shirt or better yet, one that announces that this is his or her first birthday and that they are the guest of honor. This is an especially good idea if you would like to have something to commemorate the day even more than just mere pictures could.

Boys First Birthday Outfits

Some options for boys depending on your taste and style preference could include:

  • A Formal Suit
  • A Button Down and Jeans or Khakis
  • A Polo Shirt and Shorts
  • A Costume Related to his 1st Birthday Party Theme