Ice Breaker Party Games

Ice Breaker Party Games

If you've ever hosted a party where the guests didn't know one another, you probably suffered through making countless introductions - and it's equally likely that none of the guests remembered each other's names. Ice breaker party games make it easier to learn names while encouraging socialization, and can be just the ticket for getting a party off on a fun note.

At your next gathering, help your guests warm up to one another with these fun ice breakers:

Purse, Pocket and Wallet Scavenger Hunt

Divide adult guests into groups of four, and have each group collectively find items on a list. Award a prize to the group who produces the most items.

A sample list might include items like:

  1. Stamp
  2. Grocery store receipt
  3. Paperclip
  4. Out of state drivers license
  5. Family picture
  6. Wedding picture
  7. Key chain with more than 10 keys
  8. Lottery ticket
  9. Grocery list

Scavenger Hunt Birthday Party Ideas

Find the Person Who…

Develop a fill-in-the-blank list and give one to each adult guest. Assign a time limit, and let the guests mingle in search of names that complete each statement. Award a prize to the guest who collects the most names.

Sample questions might include:

  • Drives more than 30 miles one-way to work:
  • Is a twin:
  • Was born in December:
  • Has a cat:
  • Likes anchovies:

Adult Birthday Party Games

Ice Breaker Games for Kids

Ice Breaker Party Games

Sign My Cast

Even the most sociable child will clam up when they walk into a party that's filled with unfamiliar faces. Give each child a marker and a paper bag cast to slip on their writing arm. Assign a time limit, and then send the children on a quest for signatures. Award a prize to the person with the most signatures.

Sentence Starters

For a kid's party, write sentence starters on slips of paper and put them into a hat or a bowl, then have the children take turns sharing their responses.

Sample sentence starters include:

  1. My favorite cartoon is…
  2. When I get home from school I like to…
  3. I have never…

Remember, celebrations are always more fun when you know who you're celebrating with. Have fun getting the crowd warmed up with these party ice breakers at your next gathering.