Tea Party Ideas

Tea Party Ideas - Throwing a tea party can be a great way to get together with friends, celebrate a special occasion, or simply relax with some good food.

Tea Party Ideas Tea Party Ideas Tea Party Ideas

The essentials for a tea party are obviously good tea, friends, and snacks. All of the other tea party ideas needed for a fantastic tea party are up to the party thrower to choose. Whether someone wants to throw a party with a lot of feminine details or go for a modern look, it is up to them to choose decorations for their tea party. Taking the time to look over different choices for the invites, menu, and activities for the party will give the party thrower plenty of inspiration to work with. Instead of thinking that a tea party has to be full of feminine details and floral accents, an individual can take the time to come up with a theme that fits their personality and guests perfectly.

Inspiration for Party Invitations

Tea Party Ideas Tea Party Ideas Tea Party Ideas Tea Party Ideas

The invites sent are the first things guests see, so it makes sense why an individual would want to choose stationery that reflects the party's theme. There are plenty of options available for individuals that want a unique and memorable invite template. An individual can head to a local craft store and pick up paper and other supplies to construct their own invites. This is a good way to ensure the invites are unique, but the process can be time consuming and require a lot of work. Ordering invites from a stationary company can often be expensive, but it ensures the invites look perfect. The style of the invites can vary drastically, based on the party's feel. Some good ideas are as follows.

  • Floral theme invites with soft pastel colors.

  • Natural invites with branches, flowers, trees, birds, etc.

  • Feminine details with eye-catching art and a request for formal attire.

Choosing the right tea party invitations will help an individual spread awareness to guests about the ambiance that are going for and the details that will make the party perfect.

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Tea Party Food Ideas

Tea Party Ideas Tea Party Ideas Tea Party Ideas Tea Party Ideas

Tea Party Ideas Tea Party Ideas Tea Party Ideas Tea Party Ideas

Tea Party Ideas
When throwing a tea party, it is quite obvious that a variety of tea will be served. While hot tea is traditional, many women decide to serve iced tea since it is a refreshing beverage and fit for the spring and summer. Along with delicious beverages, there are a number of choices for the food that would work great with a tea party menu.

Tea Party Ideas
  • Tea sandwiches with decorative toothpicks and an assortment of ingredients.(such as tuna, ham, turkey, cucumber and cream cheese served on different types of breeads)

  • A colorful bowl of fruit salad.

  • Assorted cheese and crackers with fresh fruit and nuts.(my personal favorite is fresh pears with brie)

  • Fresh baked scones with cream and jam.(consider offering lemon curd and clotted cream)

  • Mini pastries, cookies and tarts.

  • Quiche (any choice of filling works) served with a soup or salad

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Tea Party Games and Activities

Tea Party Ideas Tea Party Ideas Tea Party Ideas Tea Party Ideas

In order to keep guests entertained during the tea party, a lot of people are interested in hosting games. There are a number of tea party games that everyone is sure to enjoy. One of the best bets is a fun game of bingo. The game can be customized by using cheap teabags as markers and by using tea-related words for the game. Tea bag toss is another fun game, requiring that guests attempt to throw a teabag into a pot. The most points earned win a prize of some sort. A cute teacup would make the perfect gift for the winner of tea party games.

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Gathering some tea party ideas will help an individual throw the best party possible. Serving a variety of appropriate food and an assortment of tea will keep the guests full and help sets an enjoyable mood. Throwing games can ensure everyone feels comfortable and has a good time. Looking into some different tea party ideas for inspiration will help you throw a memorable party that all of the guests will remember fondly.

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