Spiderman Birthday Party Ideas

Spiderman Birthday Party Ideas

Spiderman Birthday Party Ideas - Swinging in to a Party Near You

A kids theme birthday party will sound like a lame idea to your son until you mention Spiderman to him. Then he will be all ears. A Spiderman birthday party will be the greatest and with the huge selection of Spiderman party supplies, remarkably easy to pull off.

The following are several Spiderman party ideas that you can pick and choose from according to age level - some are meant for the younger crowd, some for the older.

Spiderman Birthday Party Ideas More Than Just a Party : Buy, rent or borrow the Spiderman movie series and host a small sleep over- start the films and then watch through to dawn. For a younger group, adapt this by watching only the one movie and suggesting that everyone wear their Spiderman pajamas, or bring sleeping bags, etc. of their favorite super hero.

Spiderman Birthday Party Ideas Make It a Costume Party : Have the kids come dressed in their favorite Super hero or Villain's costume.
Host a trivia contest about super heroes and award a prize.

Make it More Physical : Set up an obstacle course in the yard and then time the guests as they run through it. Make it gross (and more fun) with a mud hole or small pool filled with jello or other goop. (Please warn the other parents before doing this!)

Spiderman Birthday Party Ideas A Final Silly Touch : Make sure that everyone is outside when you pull out the silly string and then turn the little Spidey's loose. Remember however that silly string is flammable so keep away from open flames with it.

Spiderman Party Food Ideas : The menu should have a spidey theme which could be:

Spiderman Birthday Party Ideas
  1. Spiderghetti (spaghetti, of course)
  2. Spiders and Blood (cut four slits into a hotdog, pop in the microwave and watch them curl), serve with a small cup of ketchup for dipping.
  3. Cobwebs and Spider Eggs: Add extra marshmallow to your Rice Krispie treat recipe and instead of forming in bars, make small balls out of it.