Harry Potter Party Ideas

Brewing up a Wizard's Good Time (Magical Party for Your little Wizard)

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Harry Potter parties can be a lot of fun to both plan and to attend and after all, anything that can get kids that excited about reading is pretty cool.

Harry Potter Party Supplies and Decorating Ideas

Harry Potter Party Supplies

The theme here should be anything that sets the tone to make the party area feel like Hogwarts School for Wizards. If you can borrow a fog machine then do so, if not consider getting some dry ice for the foggy feeling.

Put broom sticks in the corners and use movie posters on the walls.

Harry Potter Poster

Let your imagination run wild here- the sky is the limit. If you can bring a big mirror from another room then do so, draping dark colored cloth around the top to give it a creepy feel.

Owl knickknacks should be brought in to round out the feel-

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Harry Potter Birthday Party Games and Ideas

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Of course the game should kick off with an obstacle course that is your own take on the game that Harry and the other students play in the films.

Other ideas could include:

  • Harry Potter trivia
  • Harry Potter character imitations. Have everyone imitate or repeat lines and see who can guess the most.

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Movie Marathon Night

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For a small gathering, host a sleep over and watch all of the Harry Potter movies in order and serve assorted movie fare and snacks.

harry potter party ideas

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