Luau Birthday Party Ideas

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Luau Birthday Party Ideas - Aloha Oh Boy, A Luau Birthday Party

If you are looking for an interesting way to host a get together, consider a luau birthday party. Planning a luau party can be a great way to feel tropical without the expense of airfare. With a few luau games and some luau recipes, you can bring together your friends and family and have a really great time.

Luau Party Food Ideas and Drink Suggestions

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Start with a platter of assorted tropical fruits and dips served with tropical themed toothpicks.

Consider the age of the majority of the guests. Hot dogs may be as tropical as the younger crowd would be willing to go while older party goers may consider recipes such as jerk chicken and pineapple/lime marinated ribs and pork chops.

luau tiki bar

Drinks should be served in hurricane style glasses (plastic for the kiddies) with bamboo umbrellas for everyone.

Serve all drinks with ice cubes in tropical shapes (buy the cube trays at dollar stores, etc.)

Aim for brightly colored drinks and punches.

Luau Games

luau limbo

What luau birthday party would be complete without a limbo contest?

For younger children, add games such as pin the beak on the parrot, tiki torch ring toss and other tropical twists on old favorites.

For older children, teens and young adults use the party as a chance to break out the old Don Ho records and have hula contests (or hula hoop) for prizes.

Luau Birthday Party Supplies That Are Musts

luau skirt bra

luau parrot
luau tiki torch
  • Grass skirts and coconut bras for everyone!

  • Tiki torches to light the way and keep the bugs at bay.

  • Parrots, ukeleles and of course, flower leis.

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