1st Birthday Party Games

1st Birthday Party Games

First birthday party games for all of the littlest angels Try these 1st birthday party games tips and ideas!

Keeping a group of one-year-olds entertained is not nearly as easy as they make it look on television and kiddie videos. You have to be prepared for any emergency (lost binkies, blankies and wubbies) and have to stay one step ahead of these babies at all times. Most games for this age group will include a parent or an older "partner" and are meant to keep them entertained and corralled at the same time, because frankly, one exploring baby is too many.

Baby Singalong and Action Games

Babies like music and they like silly actions, so combine the two with games like the Itsy Bitsy Spider and similar songs. If you are too shy to lead this game, either have someone else do it for you or pop in a video and direct everyone to play along.

Baby follow the leader games

Babies love to feel like they are "big" so let them do the leading for this game. Once your baby figures out that you are following their actions, they will do more and more.

Simple Exploration games

1st Birthday Party Games Show baby a toy. Hide the toy, allowing baby to watch where you are putting it if you would like. Ask the baby where the toy is and then lead him/her through the room, asking if that is where the toy is. Use this as not only a bonding and fun moment but as a chance to teach vocabulary, colors and other concepts.