Mickey Mouse Birthday

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If the special child in your life is a Disney fan, why not treat your little Mouseketeer to a Mickey Mouse birthday party?

While you'll find an ample supply of pre-made party decorations and supplies, it's a cinch to whip up your own Mickey ambiance with these creative and budget-friendly birthday party ideas:

Mickey Mouse Birthday Invitations

Mickey Mouse Birthday Invitations

Make your own mickey mouse birthday invitations by cutting mouse ears out of black construction paper or cardstock, and then print and paste on the party details or write them using a silver or gold paint pen.

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Mickey Mouse Party Supplies

Festoon the party area with red and black crepe paper streamers, and add weighted red and black balloon bouquets to the table tops. Dress up walls with Mickey Mouse movie posters, and use a rubber stamp to adorn plain, white tablecloths with mouse ear imprints.

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Mickey Mouse Party Favors

Mickey Mouse Party Favors

Treat the little Mouseketeer guests to pre-made mouse ear hats, or make your own by affixing cardboard or felt cut-outs to headbands or wide elastic strips.

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Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake

Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake

Why buy a pricey Mickey-shaped cake pan when you can make one using supplies already on hand? To bake, use a round pan for Mickey's head, and ration the batter so you'll have enough to make two cupcakes for the ears. To decorate, try your hand at adding a face, or cover with chocolate icing.

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Mickey Mouse Party Games

No Mickey Mouse birthday party would be complete without pin the ears on Mickey. After playing, lead the gang in a few rounds of the Mickey Mouse Club March song, depending on the age of the children you can turn this into musical chairs. Another idea would be to do a mickey mouse scavenger hunt in a similar fashion that the clues are given on the clubhouse show.

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Celebrating your little one's birthday with a Mickey Mouse birthday party is sure to bring a smile, and will create treasured memories that will last a lifetime. With these budget-friendly party ideas, you can add the money you'll save to your Disney vacation fund!

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