Football Party Ideas

Football Party Ideas - Set! Hut! Party 22. Party 22. HIKE! - Indulge your gridiron fan with his own football party theme.

Football Party Ideas - Football Birthday Party

football decor

Finally, one that could even do for the hubby. If you are planning a party for your grid iron fan, keep several things in mind. You will need a lot of food and you should know that most of the talk and activities will revolve around football and football alone.

Football Party Supplies

football party supplies

Head to one of the closets and yank out the jerseys! Use them as décor. Football helmets, shoulder pads, footballs and other items will work too. The table cloth should be green and if you feel ambitious, paint the white yard lines on it. It doesn't matter. If it is not food or a football player, no one will notice it at all.

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Football Party Foods

Football Party Foods

Anything that you would get at a football stadium, either inside or out in the parking lot during the tailgating party, should be considered the start of your menu. You should not pick now to announce that the family is going vegetarian unless weeping really was your plan all along. Bratwurst, hot dogs, burgers, steaks, wings, chips and all the trimmings are going to be what your football fan is looking for.

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Football Party Bingo

football bingo

If you're football birthday party revolves around a specific game of the day here's a great bingo game to play. Before the start of the football game, distribute football bingo cards to each player. The bingo game begins at the start of kickoff.

Your "game host" will call out the official Bingo "calls" live as they happen. Have plenty of prizes available and as players start winning "Bingos" you will award prizes. For more fun, each "bingo winner" can also be entered into drawings at halftime and at the conclusion of the game for even bigger prizes.

Another bingo option is a trivia game and bingo wrapped in one. You will say the name of a player and each player will look for the corresponding jersey number. Have a great prize on hand for the winner.

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Football Party Favors

football cookies

Depending on the age of the recipient, football party favors can range from personalized beer mugs to football shaped cookies to an actual football. Check out stores like Dollar Tree and Five Below which should have favors in the $1-$2 price range. These types of stores might carry things like football shaped lollipops, football erasers and football themed can coolers. Finding favor items for the guest of honor's favorite NFL or college football team could also be fun!

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