Sesame Street Party

Sesame Street Party

Can You Tell Me How to Get to Party Me, Street? From start to finish, use this party theme for a learning experience and make it even better.

Sesame Street Birthday Party

Sesame Street Party A Sesame Street birthday is a good choice for little ones ages 2-5. The colorful characters and friendly faces makes Sesame Street a warm and welcoming place for children of all ages.

Sesame Street Party Supplies

Sesame Street Party Each place setting can include a single character or many of them; it is your choice. Classic Sesame Street characters can be blended in with the newer ones, or you can stick to the purely retro ones if you would like.
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Sesame Street Birthday Party Games and Activities

Sesame Street Party Because Sesame Street is an educational show, all of the games and activities should be equally learning-oriented. Take the first letter of your child's name and have games that revolve around it such as name all the items you can that start with this letter.
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Sesame Street Birthday Party Favors

Aim for birthday party favors that are both educational and fun such as coloring books, flash cards and reading books that feature the Sesame Street crowd.
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Sesame Street Food Ideas

Whatever food you opt to serve, give it a Sesame Street inspired name such as Big Bird's Burgers and Grover's Grape Juice
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Sesame Street Cakes

Sesame Street Party Sesame Street Party