Mickey Mouse Party Ideas

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Some things never go out of style, especially in the world of birthday party ideas. If you want to throw a Mickey Mouse birthday party, it only takes some cool party theme supplies, a few Moused up games and a smart host. Here are some mickey mouse party ideas to help you plan your next party.

Hosting a Mickey Mouse Birthday Party

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Break out the Mickey Mouse ears and other assorted paraphernalia for your hosting duties. If you have a retro-sweatshirt, wear that as well.

Decorating with Mickey Mouse Party Supplies

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Everything that could possibly have Mickey Mouse on it, should. Look for plates, cups, napkins and other tableware that features Mickey's smiling face. Mouse ear balloons could brighten corners. The main theme is Mickey and he can be found on almost everything imaginable.

Mickey Mouse Party Food Ideas

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Beyond the Mickey Mouse birthday cake, food ideas can include:

  1. Cheese (of course) set out platters of mouse shaped cheese cubes (store bought or make your own.)

  2. Mousketeers of corn. If you are grilling food on the grill, add foil wrapped ears of corn with Mouseke-butter.

  3. Mouskeburger, Donald Duck Dogs and Minnie Mouse Mini-sandwiches could be the main course choices.

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Games

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  1. Mickey Mouse Bingo: Buy or create sheets with different characters and then call out names.

  2. Mickey Trivia. Make sure the questions are age appropriate.

  3. Spelling with the Mouse. Start with Letter M and say a name or item that begins with it and then move on. Each child has a letter to use. If they do not name off an item or name, they are out.

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