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Traditionally a Latin American coming-of-age ceremony, Quinceanera is held in honor of a girl's fifteenth birthday.

The history of the celebration dates back to 500 B.C., when Aztecs commemorated a girl's fifteenth birthday to signify that she had reached a suitable age for motherhood.

The meaning of quinceanera has changed over time; today, these celebrations are more popular in the United States than they are in Latin America, often serving to preserve the rich Latin American culture. If a special young lady in your life is approaching her fifteenth birthday, here are a few ideas to celebrate her big transition.

Quinceanera Invitations


Because sweet 15 party celebrations often have just as many guests as weddings, invitations should be sent at least three months in advance. Provide a preview of the celebration by matching invitation colors with the guest of honor's dress, or by incorporating elements of the party theme, such as castles, crowns, and coaches for a Cinderella or princess theme. Consider printing the invitations in both English and Spanish

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Traditional Ceremonies

Traditional Quinceaneras are marked with "sweet goodbye" ceremonies. Consider including some of the following traditions in your celebration

  • Presenting the birthday girl with a final toy or doll
  • Having a last dance with Daddy
  • A shoe ceremony, where the guest of honor trades her flats for heels
  • The lighting of fifteen candles

Quinceanera Cakes


An elaborate cake is quintessential for quinceanera celebrations, and the sky's the limit when it comes to designing the lavish dessert. Though these delicious cakes most often reflect the theme of the celebration, they can also be adorned with fresh flowers in colors matching the party's palette, designed to match the personality or interests of the guest of honor, or decorated in homage to Latin American history and culture.

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As with weddings, not every young lady wants an elaborate or spectacular celebration. For quinceaneras that prefer a more private celebration, opt for a backyard party at home. Whether simple or elaborate, the sweet 15 party makes memories that will last a lifetime.

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