Spa Party Ideas

Spa Party Ideas - A Relaxing Gathering of Friends

Adult Spa Party

If you are in charge of planning a party for a friend, or planning to throw one for yourself, it might be a great idea to throw a spa party for girls.

A spa birthday party is a good idea as well. Here are some ideas to help you plan a spa party: you only need the desire to relax and be pampered and the rest will fall together.

Spa Party Locations

Spa Party Locations

If you can afford to have a spa party for a small group of friends at a spa, most of the work will have been done for you. Call and request a group discount and let the spa know what the event theme is.

Home Spa Parties

You could recreate many of the same treatments at home with just a little imagination or hire an in home spa company to deliver a wide array of spa treatments in the comfort of your own home.

Spa Party Décor and Favors

Spa Party Candle

Your décor should be as relaxing as possible. Dim the lights or replace harsh white bulbs with soft pink ones. Play relaxing ambient music and have candles (real or battery operated simulations) on nearly every surface.

Favors should include some of the samples of the items that you have used in your spa treatments, whether they are homemade or store bought. (NOTE: if you do make your own items, make sure that you let everyone know what is in them for safety.)

Spa Themed Food Ideas

Spa Party Tea

When you are looking for food ideas, check out the menus from the country's most exclusive spas and recreate some of the recipes that are there. Keep in mind that most spas serve all organic, healthy and low fat meals.

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Spa Related Activities

Spa Party Basket

You could include a selection of spa treatments such as facials, manicures, pedicures and scrubs.

Bonus Tip: Just before your guests start arriving, pop a tray of soft, thick cotton socks into the oven set on warm. Have each guest slather lotion on their feet and then put on the warmed socks. (Heaven!)

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Spa Party Invitations

You have several options for selecting spa party invitations. One easy option would be to send out online invitations, another option would be to visit an online store or a retail party supply store and purchase them or a third option would be to make the invitations yourself!

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