Karate Birthday Party

For your child's next birthday, kick up some fun with a Karate Birthday Party that's sure to delight all the pint-sized Bruce Lees in attendance.

You don't need a black belt in party planning to pull off a fantastic karate birthday party - just a little patience and a lot of creativity. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Karate Party Invitations

karate invitation
karate kid

Kick off the fun with "ghi" invitations. To make, simply fold cardstock into a rectangle and cut V's for the neck and arms. Finish with a black ribbon embellishment.

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Karate Party Supplies and Decorations

karate supplies

Deck out your karate party dojo with brightly colored Chinese paper lanterns and tissue dragons, and festoon the walls with "karate belt" party streamers. For table décor, display faux nun-chucks, swords, and balloon bouquets in black, white, and red.

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Karate Party Favors and Games

Karate Party Favors

Chinese take-out containers filled with fortune cookies, ninja figures, and ninja headbands are sure to delight all of your little grasshoppers. For kids karate party activities, let the little ninjas try their hands (and feet!) at these fun party games:

  • Board Breaking: Give the kids balsa wood and foam strips to karate chop and kick through.

  • High Kicking Contest: Draw chalk lines at varying heights on poster board, and award a prize to the child that can kick the highest. (To measure the kicks, just look to see where the chalk is erased or smudged.)

  • Chinese Paper Lantern Piñata: Give each child a Chinese paper lantern filled with candy and trinkets. Hang the lanterns and let the children kick them until the treats spill out.

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Karate Party Food

Karate Party Food

No martial arts birthday party would be complete without chopstick-style party food. Order take-out from your favorite Asian restaurant and set up a buffet complete with chopsticks and fortune cookies.

karate cake

For dessert, serve the birthday boy or girl a "Ghi Cake". To make, bake a rectangular cake and slice a V-shaped wedge from the middle for a neck hole, then shape the cake's sides to resemble arms. Ice the cake white and add a strip of chocolate frosting at the beltline.

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This year's birthday party is sure to be one your future black belt won't soon forget. Enjoy planning your kids' karate party!

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