Kid Birthday Party Themes

Kid Birthday Party Themes Birthday Themes for kids ages two to ten that will have them excited beyond the presents and the cake.

Finding the right kid birthday themes may be a pain in some cases and fairly easy in others, depending on the kid. If his room is Transformers as far as the eye can see for instance or she is all about iCarly, then you have it made. However if you have a little bit of everything, it might be a little more difficult to come up with an exact theme and you might be better off going slightly more generic.

Generic Birthday Party Themes for Boys and Girls

Kid Birthday Party Themes

Some kids like far too many things to narrow it down to one theme or another. Choose a favorite color instead and use that as part of the theme. The tableware could be all red for instance, while the balloons could be in another, complementary color.

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Sports or Hobby Themes

Kid Birthday Party Themes

Many kids are active in sports or are avid fans of them. Whether they are a soccer star or a hockey head, that is a great start to kid birthday themes and can make decorating and coordinating everything that much easier.

Characters and Heroes

Kid Birthday Party Themes

Most kids have a favorite show or someone that they admire. Using that to develop kid birthday themes is fairly easy to do, unless of course the child admires Albert Einstein above all others.

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