Tips for Organizing Games for Children in Birthday Parties

Birthday gamess

Musical Chair

by Nishant Rai(Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, INDIA)

Birthday is the most exciting time for the children. They wait for this day for one long year. So it is very important to make this day a special one for your child.

What makes the birthday exciting to a child is that he celebrates it with all his friends. Just like he want a big nice cake, with delicious fools, he and his friends want to play the games. Playing games in the party is the best thing to keep the children happy and engaged.

Some of the games that I often make the children play in the birthday parties are mentioned below. Hope these games give you a fair idea that what type of games do children like in the birthday parties.

  1. COMPLETE THE INCOMPLETE: In this game, you stick an incomplete drawing of any animal or bird on the wall. Give the missing part (say tail of that animal)to the child. Now wrap up a cloth on his/her eyes so that he/she is blinded. Now the child has to paste the part somewhere on the sketch so that the sketch is complete. If he/she puts this part at the right place, he/she should be awarded a gif, if not, he/she is out.
  2. SIMON SAYS: In this game, the game players are made to follow the instructions given by the adult who is making them play the game.For example if he says, "Simon says - hands up", so all the children will raise up their hands. In this way, the children who do not follow the instruction of SIMON, are disqualified.
  3. MUSICAL CHAIR: The way that this game is played, is to first count the number of participants; next line up chairs in a straight line. It should be noted that the number of chairs is equal to one less the number of people who are participating. Now the music is played and the participants or kids have to encircle these chairs until the music stops. As soon as the music stops, the participants sit randomly at any available chair. There will be one person left standing without a chair and he/she gets disqualified. The same cycle is repeated till the time all but one of the participants is disqualified. But remember, depending on the ages of the participants one should make sure that the participants playing this game may get involved in some kind of fight or something and so close attention should be paid.

Apart from this, I would also give you certain tips to make this birthday party a successful event. The tips are as follows:

  1. Select Appropriate Games, taking into consideration the age group of the children
  2. Always behave in a flexible way and make children busy with random games
  3. Make every child a winner in one or the other game.

So I hope by reading this article, you can get a brief idea to organize the birthday party at your place.

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