Kids Birthday Cakes

You don't have to be a pastry chef or a gourmet food artist to create a confectionary masterpiece for your child's birthday party.

Let's take a look at some simple yet fabulous birthday cakes for kids.

Kids cakes come in all different shapes and sizes and decorated from the very simple to "over the top", depending on the type of cake you are looking to make here are some great ideas to help you get started!

Sheet Cakes

cake pinata

Top a simple sheet cake with edible decorative confections, piped icing, and non-edible toppers, or add your own decorations to match your party's theme.

For transportation-themed parties, top with licorice train tracks and add a miniature locomotive, or add toy construction vehicles plowing their way through chocolate chip or crushed cookie mountains.

Dimensional Cakes

cake sandcastle

Dazzle your beach party guests with a sandcastle-shaped cake, or score a winning run with your sports fan by presenting him with a three-dimensional baseball cake.

Purchase specially designed molded cake pans, or try your hand at developing your own dimensional designs using oven-safe glass baking bowls.

Shaped Cakes

Slice sheet cakes into shapes, or use a combination of round pans and loaf pans to achieve the desired effect.

While all children's birthdays are special, their first and sixteenth celebrations warrant some extra fanfare. Commemorate these milestone birthdays with birthday cakes for kids that have a little added flair.

1st Birthday Cakes

1st birthday block cake

Use baby's favorite toy, character, or nursery rhyme for culinary inspiration, or create simple but stunning birthday cake designs by stacking several square layers to form an ABC block. You can also slice a sheet cake into a number 1 and ice with bright, primary colors.

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Tiered Cakes

cake tower

Use graduated sizes of round or square baking pans to create a multi-layered cake and top with tinted fondant frosting for an elegant, smooth finish.

When selecting kids' birthday cake recipes, be sure to get input from the guest of honor. While many children enjoy over-the-top sweet cakes, some prefer milder German chocolate cakes or surprise cakes filled with pudding, Jello, or creamed icing. Teens may even opt for a grown up birthday cake like carrot, spice, or cappuccino, a lighter cake with a fruit filling, or even a cheesecake.

When you create a birthday cake for your child, you're doing more than making a tasty treat - you're also building lifelong memories. Now that you're armed with a few birthday cake ideas, go forth and bake!

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