Masquerade Party Ideas

Masquerade parties, or masked balls, were popular party themes for early European aristocrats who wanted to slip on a mask and into a different - and often much more exciting - persona for the evening.

The intrigue of masquerade parties has stood the test of time, and today they remain a popular theme for birthday celebrations, sweet sixteen bashes, and dinner parties.

If you're planning a celebration, treat your guests to an evening of aristocratic proportions by hosting a masquerade party. Here are a few ideas to help with your mysterious party planning:

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Masquerade Invitations

Entice guests and clue them in on the fun to come by sending masquerade invitations with a splash of intrigue.

Embellish mask-shaped invitations with brightly colored feathers, sequins, or glitter, or make elegant scrolled invitations by handwriting party details on tea dyed parchment using a calligraphy pen, and sealing the scrolls with a dollop of pressed wax.

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Masquerade Party Supplies

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Indulge your guests with a touch of aristocratic opulence by draping tables in shimmering damask fabric and topping with lush, floral centerpieces. Transform contemporary furnishings into period pieces by covering them with plush fabric throws, and hide televisions and other modern appliances beneath luxuriant linens. For table finery, treat your guests to cloth napkins, gold flatware, and glinting china and crystal.

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When planning your masquerade party supply list, be sure to include an ample stash of masquerade masks. You can choose pre-made masquerade ball masks, or make your own mask by purchasing blank masks and decorating them yourself with glitter, lace, sequins and feathers. For added fun, create a custom masquerade mask for each guest.

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Masquerade Party Menu

Virtually any party fare will work well for a masquerade party providing the foods are presented with elegance. Layer mini sandwiches on tiered trays, cascade clusters of grapes in gleaming silver bowls, or create an elegant dessert tower with gourmet cupcakes or individual cheesecakes.

As long as you plan ahead, hosting a masquerade party can be just as much fun as attending one. Enjoy sharing this evening of intrigue and opulence with adventure-seeking friends.

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Tell Us About Your Masquerade Party

Did you throw a masquerade party that people raved about and are still raving about? What did you do that made your party unforgettable? What advice would you give to someone else who is currently planning a masquerade party?

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