Slumber Party Ideas

First One to Sleep Gets the Torture! - Relive some of your childhood by helping your child host a slumber party. Remember though, stealing and freezing training bras is bad form for a mom.

Ah, there is nothing like a classic idea to take someone back! A slumber party or pajama party is a great, low budget party idea and will work for parties of nearly every age group. Remember though, the younger the group, the more likely you are to be driving one of your guests home in the middle of the night. Here are some slumber party ideas for that can be tailored to all age groups.

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Keep a slumber party on the smaller side for many reasons. Regardless of their age, some people get to be either slap-happy silly or snippy-snappy mean if they are sleep deprived so keep that in mind. Your best bet is to aim for an even number of people. Four is a very good slumber party number.

Slumber Party Activities

Slumber Party Activities

Slumber party activities are the ones that are too long to play during other types of parties, such as Monopoly and other board games. Make sure that you balance active, fun games such as Twister with quieter, sitting games so that the guests do not get completely out of control.

If the age group is right, another great slumber party game is a scavenger hunt. (Be a good neighbor and tip off everyone before sending a gaggle of giggling teens into the night in search of one holey sock).

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Slumber Party Pranks

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Oh, scoff if you want to, but this is part of the fun of a slumber party. Keep the slumber party pranks on this side of the law by helping them, that way you can rein them in if things start to get out of hand at all.

Phone pranks are the most common and can include many standard jokes.

"Do you have Pop in a can? Let him out, he can't breathe"

"Is your refrigerator running? You better go catch it."

Warning: the cell phone has all but killed this prank type. If you know someone with an old fashioned, non-caller id phone AND a sense of humor, that's your victim!

Other pranks include torturing the first to fall asleep. A classic: put shaving cream in your sleeper's hand and then tickle her nose with a feather or other item until she smacks herself. Too funny!

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Slumber Party Ideas

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Slumber Party Ideas

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