A Unique and Fun Birthday Party Game

by Sweetu

face of an actress

face of an actress

Recently I celebrated my daughter’s birthday party. She was entering her teens so it was going to be a grand celebration. I had organized the party on my lawn and had personally invited all her friends to come for the party. I organized a theme based party where everyone was supposed to come dressed in traditional gear. It was a teenager party where elders were not allowed.

After all the teens arrived, I brought out the chocolate cake that I had made .The cake was cut and snacks and beverages were served. I organized many party games such as charades, musical chairs, and freeze dance. The highlight of the party was the game where everyone is supposed to adorn a portrait or face. The teens were divided into groups of two each. The way that the game was played, a glass framed large portrait or face of a girl who was decked up was shown to all the kids. Each partner was supposed to be blindfolded and the other would guide him or her in doing the activities. The blindfolded partner was expected to go near the portrait and would do make up on that particular portrait as instructed by the partner. He/She had to put lipstick on the lips, mark the ears for the earrings, the neck for the necklace and the forehead for a bindi at the exact location or point. After a single round was over, the blindfolded person was to act as the guide and the guide as the blindfolded person that is they interchange their position and the other would then carry out the tasks. Finally the one very close to what the portrait was supposed to look like was judged as the winner. It was a very hilarious game to watch as the participants were adorning the portrait and everyone else was trying to be misguiding and shouting the wrong positions to put the marks on the portrait. My daughter’s friends had a great time and were very excited. I had purchased and gave out lots of gifts as prizes for all the games they played.

Everyone was tired and exhausted .The teens were served a sumptuous spread of Chinese, Indian and Continental food with a lovely dessert. All of them enjoyed the lavish and delicious spread .I had bought small colorful wicker baskets and stuffed them with chocolates and other goodies to be given as birthday party favors. They were very happy to receive the favors and till today whenever I meet them, they discuss about the fun they had at the party. It was a very satisfying and enjoyable day for both me and my daughter.

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