13th Birthday Party Ideas

Congratulations! You are now a teen. Not a preteen, but a teen!

13th birthday party ideas
13th birthday party ideas

A 13th birthday is special because you are no longer a child or a preteen, you are a full fledged teenager, a time filled with all of the possibilities of the coming years. A time of great joy for the child and a little bit of sadness for Mom as she realizes her baby is not a baby anymore.

13th birthday party ideas
13th birthday party ideas

13th Birthday Ideas

13th birthday party ideas

Many kids of this age might suggest a boy/girl party, or they might prefer that it be boys only or girls only. This should definitely be a matter of choice for the guest of honor who may not feel comfortable with the opposite sex just yet. However, it should be a time for kids of their own age group. Adults can have a special gathering in another area of the home, so that the kids can have the main party to themselves.

13th Birthday Gift Ideas

Kids of this age might be changing some of their tastes and décor. The music that they listen to might be completely different so giving a gift card for downloads to their music player is a great suggestion to get started.

Other ideas could include a day at the salon for a girl so that she can get a whole new hair style or makeover. Add in a manicure and she will feel just like a princess. Some other ideas include a new game for their console (make sure you know which ones are age appropriate) or something that would be fitting with their hobbies and after school activities.

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