19th Birthday Party Ideas

Choosing party themes for a 19 birthday for someone who may be away from home at the time.

19th Birthday Ideas

19th birthday girl

At the age of 19, many kids are no longer at home full time as they head off to college or serve in the military or have started a new career. If your child is no longer in the home with you full time, then take advantage of time home to throw an extra special 19th birthday party.

If your child will be away for his or her 19 birthday however, send the party to them. Box up the items that you would use, like plates, napkins and cups and then find a local bakery to deliver a 19 birthday cake with your special message.

Your child can have a birthday party with his dorm mates or military friends or new coworkers. You can sing happy 19th birthday over the phone!

19th Birthday Gift Ideas

19th birthday gifts

If your nineteen year old is off to college or the military, then luggage might be the perfect choice. Other good choices could include items that would help with his or her education like a new lap top computer, small appliances for the dorm room (check first, some colleges do not allow these at all.) and bedding for his or her first home away from home.

For those teens that are in the military, there might be several restrictions about what he can have on base and what cannot be brought- it might be a better choice to ask beforehand.

birthday balloon
birthday balloon
19th birthday cake

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