Elmo Birthday Party Ideas

Elmo Birthday Party Ideas

Nothing is more precious than a baby's birthday and if you are looking for something different in first birthday party ideas, then look no further than Sesame Street for the cutest monster in the land; Elmo.

An Elmo birthday party to mark the occasion of a baby's first year can be an adorable and precious event. Here are some Elmo birthday party ideas to help you plan that special birthday.

Elmo Birthday Invitations

Elmo Birthday Party Ideas Because a first birthday only happens once, these are likely to become treasured keepsakes for the majority of the guests- so choose wisely. Make sure that your Elmo birthday invitation not only features the furry, red fellow, but that it makes a clear note of the age of the guest of honor as well.
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Elmo Party Supplies

Elmo Birthday Party Ideas If you find them, buy them. There is no way to go too cute with this concept. If your one year old already has a huge collection of Elmo toys, bring them out to serve as décor as well. Make sure that you save one of every paper good item for when baby gets older so that he can see how truly precious his Elmo birthday party was.
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Elmo Games and Activities

Elmo Birthday Party Ideas Keep in mind that you are not going to get a room full of one year old babies to do anything except coo, drool and roll around. Elmo games and activities should be interactive for the babies and their parents and should be kept short.
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Elmo Party Food Choices

Make an Elmo cake for baby to play in and make sure that everyone gets a photo of the big moment. Food choices can be nearly anything at all- the baby will not care.
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Elmo Party Favors

Elmo Birthday Party Ideas If you give out birthday party favors, make sure that they are age appropriate for the child they are going to.