Tinkerbell Birthday Party

Tinkerbell Birthday Party Tinkerbell Birthday Party - If you Believe in Birthdays, Clap your Hands

Girls birthday party ideas can be so much fun that it is very easy to get carried away. Who did not love the twinkling, glittering Tinkerbell when she was growing up and the new teenaged version of Disney's favorite fairy is even more fun- Tinkerbell can talk now! For boys, a Peter Pan party could fit the bill as well.

Tinkerbell Birthday Party

Tinkerbell Birthday Party For Toddler Birthday Parties

Keep games simple and flowing. The party itself should only last an hour, two at the most. Showing Peter Pan may be too long for the toddlers to sit still for, but an episode of the animated show might be okay. If not, then have them dress up in costumes, and organize little ones friendly games. Do not give out prizes for winning games- but do give out party favors in a gift bag at the end of the event.

Tinkerbell Party Ideas

Tinkerbell Birthday Party For a girls only event: Have everyone come dressed in their fairy costume or if you are feeling ambitious, gather up items that could be used to dress up as the twinkling sprite. Include lengths of tulle that could be pinned as a skirt, costume jewelry and assorted wings. Have a fairy parade afterward.

Tinkerbell Party Supplies

Depending on the type and style of the tinkerbell birthday party that you are looking to throw, would be what tinkerbell party supplies you will need. For instance, an all girl Tinkerbell dress up party would require a trunk full of Tinkerbell and fairy costumes to have the girls dress up in. A combined boy - girl party could be themed as a Tinkerbell and Peter Pan party with angel wings, tutus and wands for the girls and a pirate hat, captain hook hand and eye patches for the boys. Other tinkerbell party supplies would include plates, cups, napkins and decorations that you could find online or at a local party supply store with a tinkerbell motif.

Tinkerbell Birthday Party Tinkerbell Birthday Party Tinkerbell Party Favors

The sky can be the limit here- for a girl party use the prettiest gift bags and fill them with Tinkerbell soaps, shampoos and lotions, nail polish, make up and pretty jewelry.

For a boy/girl party:
  1. Make sure that the boys do not get left out and if it is age appropriate, then add coloring books and crayons
  2. Tinkerbell Birthday Party
    Collectible figurines or vinyl toys are also another good choice

For a boy's Peter Pan Party:

Use Peter Pan and pirate related toys, male -themed soap or shampoos, coloring books and crayons and small containers of Play Doh.

Tinkerbell Birthday Cakes

Tinkerbell Birthday Cakes Tinkerbell Birthday Cakes Tinkerbell Birthday Cakes

Here are some different ways to make a Tinkerbell Birthday Cake:

  1. Purchase a Tinkerbell character pan
  2. Bake a sheet cake or round cake and add non-edible themed toppers
  3. Purchase a ready made cake and use a Tinkerbell themed cake plate and server or decorate around the cake with Tinkerbell themed toys
  4. Use Tinkerbell themed baking cups and a Tinkerbell cupcake stand to make a Tinkerbell Cupcake Cake

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