Beach Theme Birthday Party

Beach theme birthday party- Beach parties are a great idea for birthdays and other events, but best suited for older children, teenagers and young adults for safety reasons.

There are a lot of beach theme party activities that can be enjoyed on a public beach, expense is minimal and best of all, clean up is minimal as well.

beach supplies

Beach Birthday Party Ideas

Use a trip to the beach as a disguise for a surprise party and have all of the guests be waiting for the arrival of the guest of honor.

Beach parties can be a good idea for graduation and other events as well.

Beach Party Supplies and Decorations

beach pinata

Consider using a brightly colored blanket or table cloth if you are setting up in the sand. Use tablecloths, balloons and streamers if you are using a shelter house.

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Beach Theme Party Games, Prizes and Beach Birthday Party Favors


Beach party games can include volleyball (of course) but other choices can include:

  • Obstacle races - Set up bottles of water or other items and have racers weave through them
  • Sand castle competitions
  • Bury your friends competitions
sand bury

Prizes and Favors could include small bottles of sun tan lotion, a brightly colored towel as the grand prize for a competition and beach related items like leis, flip flops and sunglasses.

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Beach Party Food

All beach party food should be simple, easy to carry in and safe. Include fare that will not spoil in the sun, and can be easily put away until it is time to go. Consider separate coolers for food and drinks so that the food stays colder longer.

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