Kids Birthday Party Locations

Kids Birthday Party Locations

Whether you live in a booming metropolis or a small town, every location offers plenty of kids birthday party locations to make your little one's day something special.

While location often sets the tone, you can create a marvelous celebration anywhere by focusing on your child's interests. Let's take a look at some common options:

Host a Kids Party at Home

Pros: Homes are popular places for birthday parties because they're convenient, more comfortable for smaller children, and provide freedoms you may not find in other locations. For instance, you can rent outdoor toys or hire entertainment that might not be welcome in another establishment. It's also an easy way to pad your budget.

Cons: Without proper planning, a party hosted at home can be dull and boring. Themed birthday parties at home can be the best of the best, but it takes time and effort to plan, carry out and clean up. If you don't watch your budget, you can wind up spending a lot more on a party at home than going for laser tag or bowling somewhere else. You can also be liable for accidents and injuries that happen on your property.

Hosting a Kids Party at a Bowling Alley, Skating Rink, or Arcade

Pros: Preset activities keep children entertained, and leave them with excellent memories. The businesses often handle food, drink, cake and clean-up. Not to mention, birthday party packages can save a considerable amount of money when compared to handling everything on your own.

Cons: These kinds of parties can feel cookie-cutter and less intimate, and focused on the child. Parents may drop their kids off (with or without extra siblings) leaving you to supervise them all on your own. Businesses may offer more than one type of entertainment. If you're likely to take advantage of extras, you can easily go over budget.

Rented Public Space such as a Park Shelter or Library Conference Room

Pros: Rented park shelters or conference rooms hosted at the library or town hall offer a kids birthday party location that is a safe environment. There's a relative amount of freedom in chosen activity, and choice of snacks and refreshments. You may also have access to electricity, water and bathroom facilities.

Cons: High cost and location restrictions may put a damper on your party. Parents dropping kids off without supervision, and leaving you to chaperone and clean-up on your own can make these parties a hassle.

Pool Party at a Hotel

Pros: Renting a hotel room is one of the few remaining ways to host a pool party, unless you have a pool of your own. Some hotels offer party packages that provide discounts on local activities, as well as discounts on food and drink. Besides, you can party all night, and all you have to do in the morning is tip your maid. This is a great option for a teenage birthday party or tween party.

Cons: Most chains have an official ban on swimming parties because of the risks involved. If you're having kids spend the night, you most likely will need to provide supervision on your own. For liability reasons, you may need to hire a lifeguard or qualified childcare personnel.