Puppet show birthday party game!

by Jennifer
(Nashua, NH)

Puppet Birthday Party Game

Puppet Birthday Party Game

A fun game to play within a creative and fun birthday party theme is to have a puppet show. This party theme is ideal for younger kids. You really get to see their imagination and creativity come out with this.

For part one of this game I like to have all the kids sit down and do an arts and crafts project to make the puppets. You just need paper lunch bags, tape, and as much stuff as you can find for them to attach. Think of fun stuff here like markers, macaroni, ribbons, feathers, basically anything that won't rot will work. If you use glue allow enough dry time or have the option of you using hot glue for them if needed. You may want to put a time limit on this activity because if you get a bunch of kids like my daughter, it will take 3 hours. Also, if they know they have a time limit they have to think faster and it can make for a really funny time.

After all the puppets are made it's show time! I like to give the kids around 2-3 minutes a piece to perform their own puppet show for everyone. If you give them to long the kids watching might get bored. This can be so much fun to see what the kids come up with. Let them do whatever they want, pair up and do shows if you want. You may want to do this if there is a large group of kids. Just remember if there is an odd number of kids you don't want to make anyone feel excluded. In this case I let the birthday kid be in two shows and make the pairs myself. If you are choosing for them no one gets picked last. Make sure everyone gets a turn and then just call free time and they can all get together and make a grand puppet show.

My daughter loves puppet shows and she has been making them for years. I would throw this party for probably 5 or 6 year old kids. I say this because at this age they can really make the puppets themselves without to much help. You may want to have a couple of adults around to help just in case though. This is a nice party because for a big part of it you actually get to sit back relax and laugh with the kids.

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by: Elisabeth constantine

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