Train Birthday Party

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train party

From the invitation to the party's caboose, best tips for planning train parties.

Train Birthday Parties

train pinata

Having a train birthday party for your train fan can be very simple and creative. If you have a train that gives rides, plan part of the event around there. For instance, there are trains that run for certain seasons and events such as Christmas and Halloween.

Train Party Supplies

train supplies

Start with a train or railroad crossing themed table cloth and then add napkins, plates, cups and other items that have trains on them. Look for small toy trains to place on the table as well.

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Train Party Games and Activities

train hat

Playing train is a good choice, especially for the younger crowd. You start with one player who is the conductor and then one by one the train cars hook up as the kids weave through the yard.

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Train Party Favors

train favor

Each child should get plastic train toys, coloring books and, of course, a train whistle. (Give these at the end of the party as each guest is leaving)

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Train Party Food Ideas

train cups

Give each food idea a train themed name: Choo choo Cheeseburgers, Train Track Tacos, etc.

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Train Birthday Cakes

There are lots of creative options to making a train birthday cake. One easy and simple way is to make train cars out of brownies. Completely ice the brownies covering the tops and sides in any color or flavor icing that you choose for your train cake. You can use candy pieces on top of the brownies as the train's cargo and use chocolate pieces or lifesavers for the wheels of the train. You can pipe tracks onto a sheet pan and assemble the cars of the train right onto the pan. You could even add some plastic train toy accessories right onto the sheet pan to enhance the train theme.

Here's a how to make a train cake video from Betty Crocker using two loaf pans. This is definitely another fairly simple way to make a train birthday cake.

Here's another train birthday cake idea and video for the more experienced cake decorator.

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