Princess Birthday Party Ideas

The Crowning Touch to a Princess's Best Day

Having a princess birthday party can make you the queen of her heart, for now and forever.

Princess Party Ideas

cinderella girl
under the sea princess

If you are planning a little girl's birthday party, you might be tempted to just throw something together and be done with it. But, when a little girl reaches a certain age, she is getting close to the time when themed parties are not going to make her happy and you will have lost your chance.

Before it gets too late, consider having a princess birthday party - or you will never get to wear your tiara again. Some princess birthday party ideas include:

  1. Princess Tea Party
  2. Under The Sea Princess or Little Mermaid Party
  3. 1st Birthday Party Princess Theme
  4. Disney Princess Party

Princess Party Supplies

princess supplies

First, you will need a princess hostess. You can do this of course, but it might be even more special if you hire a princess for the day, especially one who looks like your child's favorite. Have the princess/hostess greet guests and escort them to the party area. As for supplies, pink is the name of the game here, and everything should have a regal, royal feeling to it. Make sure that the hostess really looks the part as well.

If you want the guests to come dressed for an elegant tea or for a princess birthday party, then specify so on the invitations. Do not leave such things up to chance.

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Princess Party Games

Princess Party Games

In keeping with the theme, and considering how the girls are all hopefully dressed, all games should be regal in nature as well. How about Pin the Crown on the Princess or similar games? This is not the time for a tug of war, competition after all. Keep things dainty, girly and princessy.

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Princess Birthday Party Food Ideas

princess birthday party supplies

All foods should be equally dainty. Little portions and delicate foods should be the choices here. Pink petit fours are a good idea, but so are fluffy and delicate, pink frosted cupcakes.

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Princess Party Favors

princess birthday party favor

Each girl should get a tiara and a scepter to take home, and if you can find them, little pink princess dresses as well. If you cannot find the dresses, have pink tee shirts that proclaim each child Princess and include the date to make a lovely gift that will become a treasured memory.

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Princess Birthday Cakes and Ideas

Here's a great how to video for a quick and easy princess birthday cake.

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