My Little Pony Birthday Party

Galloping Away with Great Party Ideas - If you are looking for kids birthday party ideas, then look no further.

My Little Pony birthday parties and My Little Pony tea parties can be the sweetest idea for your child and can let your inner Pony princess run free.

A My Little Pony Tea Party

Little Pony Tea Party

Whether it is for girls birthday parties or just a get together for friends, a My Little Tea party can be a great way to let the girls get out their finest wear, show off their finest manners and act like little ladies (at least for the afternoon.)

Teas are generally served at 4 p.m. if you would like to keep with tradition.

If you choose not to serve hot tea and no one wants to drink iced tea, then substitute juice, Kool-Aid or soft drinks in the tea pot.

Serve cold finger sandwiches and do use the tea party set for the right touch.

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My Little Pony Party Supplies

Little Pony Party Supplies

Birthday or Tea party deserves the right party supplies. Of course if you are having a tea you will probably be serving the majority of the food and drink with the tea set. That does not mean that you cannot have My Little Pony napkins and table cloth however.

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My Little Pony Birthdy Party Games and Activities

Have a My Little Pony Beauty Contest where each guest brings her own pony and then gives it a makeover for judging.

Pony races

Pony Stickers

Each guest holds her pony and then "races" through an obstacle course.

Name the Pony contest

Show pictures of the MLP bunch and see who can guess the most correctly for a great prize.

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My Little Pony Party Favors

Little Pony Party Favors
  • All My Little Pony figurines and small toys make great party favors.

  • Nail polish, makeup, hair clips and jewelry are also cute ideas for gift bags.

My Little Pony Birthday Cake

Here's a gorgeous my little pony birthday cake inspired by the pink pony palace!

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