Movie Theme Birthday Party

Lights, Camera: Movie Theme Birthday Party Action!

Movie Theme Party Ideas

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Looking for a good tween party theme? Know that your birthday kid is too old for a cartoon-themed party, but too young for a more adult type party. A good birthday party idea is simple - choose a movie theme and base the entire party around that.

For best results opt for the movie that is going to be enjoyed by the biggest majority of the guests. If the birthday honoree has a weird passion for subtitled films for instance, skip that and go for one that is a little more mainstream instead.

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Menu ideas for a Movie Birthday Party

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Food choices will depend on the film that is selected of course, but with a little creativity you can adapt nearly any food choice to any type of movie. Another food option is to serve food that you would traditionally get at the movies, such as hot dogs, popcorn and, of course, candy.

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Activities for Movie Theme Parties

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Showing the film is a good idea, or in the case of a series of films, consider making the affair a little smaller and having an all night movie-thon/sleepover.

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Party Favors for a Movie Theme Party

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Send each guest home with memorabilia from the chosen film. Other options could include gift certificates to the local movie theatre or movie type snack items. One lucky guest could win a copy of the film itself by winning a contest that you set up before hand.

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